Core Team

Management Support

Dr Evy De Leenheer, Project Manager

Evy is a dedicated cross-faculty Biomedical Research Project Manager and has direct experience of managing a range of translational projects funded by the MRC, Wellcome Trust and NIHR. She provides pre/post award support to the PIs and contributes towards the project management of the ECCLIPPx project through applying project management skills acquired during her role as lab manager at Cardiff University. Previously Evy actively contributed to several translational research projects at The University of Oxford, The University of Sheffield, Cardiff University and Adjuvantix Ltd.

Dr Jen Carlring-Wright, Business Manager, Sheffield Healthcare Gateway

Jen completed her PhD in Tumour Immunology after which she worked as a research scientist on several pre-clinical projects in the immunology and oncology field at the University of Sheffield.  Jen has three years' experience working as a project manager for the biopharmaceutical spin out company Adjuvantix Limited, where she managed multidisciplinary collaborative research and development projects.  In the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Jen is the key contact for the following departments:
Oncology and Metaoblism
School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) - Public Health
Dentristry - Person centred and population oral health

Miss Danièle Swain, Secretary

Daniele joined the University of Sheffield in January 1991, working in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Jessop Hospital for Women.  She currently works as an academic secretary in the Department of Oncology and Metabolism, based at the Jessop Wing.  Her current role is in providing a professional support service for the Department in respect of secretarial and administrative duties, as well as being administrator for the Mellanby Centre for Bone Research.

Daniele has a vast amount of administrative experience across the University in areas such as teaching, research and general administration.

In 2016 Daniele obtained a BA (Hons) in eCommunications from Sheffield Hallam University.

Mr Andrew Humphries, Quality Manager for Clinical Engineering

Andrew started in Medical Physics in January 1989 as an Electronics/Clinical Technologist.  He participated in the design and development of various electronic medical devices including the precursors to EIS. 

Clinically over the years he has been involved in:

Respiratory function testing
Sleep studies
Nerve conduction studies to detect Carpal and Tarsal tunnel syndromes
Spinal cord electrophysiology during Scoliosis correction surgery

Latterly Andrew became the Quality Manager for Clinical Engineering - administering the Quality Management System and overseeing Medical Device Regulatory Compliance.