Core Team

Core Delivery Team

Dr Jamie Healey, Clinical Scientist - Sheffield Teaching Hospital

Dr Jamie Healey has had a 20 year history of bioimpedance research and had designed and co-ordinated the manufacture of the EIS devices for the birth application, and also collaborates on the development of the pre-cancer application.

Dr Victoria Stern, Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Vicky Stern is the MRC Clinical Research Fellow and a Senior Speciality Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Vicky has taken time out of her clinical postgraduate training to complete a period of clinical research. She has a particular interest in Fetomaternal medicine. She is responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the study, recruiting patients, conducting study visits and collecting data.

Dr Georgina Jones, Reader in Social Science

Dr Georgina Jones  is social scientist who has expertise in qualitative research. She will coordinate the analysis and writing up of the results of the interviews carried out with a subgroup of participants during the study.

Dr Jonathan Boote, Research Fellow - ScHARR

Dr Jonathan Boote is a Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield. Dr Boote is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, has contributed to research grants and awards totalling over £6.5 million, and has so far published 25 peer-reviewed journal articles. Dr Boote's role in the project is to advise on how patients and the public can contribute meaningfully to the conduct of the study.

Dr Jennifer Parker, Post Doctoral Research Technician

Dr Jennifer Parker is a Post-doctoral Research Technician based in the Dental school at the University of Sheffield. She gained a PhD in 2010 from the John Innes centre in Norwich before spending three years at the University of Sheffield Medical School. Jennifer’s current work focuses on using DNA sequencing approaches to examine if there is a microbial signature associated with risk of pre-term birth which could contribute to improved diagnosis.