Core Team

Core Delivery Team

Dr Jamie Healey, Clinical Scientist - Sheffield Teaching Hospital

Dr Jamie Healey has had a 20 year history of bioimpedance research and had designed and co-ordinated the manufacture of the EIS devices for the birth application, and also collaborates on the development of the pre-cancer application.

Dr Victoria Stern, Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Vicky Stern is the MRC Clinical Research Fellow and a Senior Speciality Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Vicky has taken time out of her clinical postgraduate training to complete a period of clinical research. She has a particular interest in Fetomaternal medicine. She is responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the study, recruiting patients, conducting study visits and collecting data.

Dr Brenda F Narice, NIHR Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Brenda F Narice is an NIHR Clinical Research Fellow and a Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She has recently completed an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in O&G and a Masters in Clinical Research at the University of Sheffield. She is particularly interested in the process of cervical remodelling in pregnancy. Her daily duties include increasing patient and public involvement (PPI) throughout all stages of the study, recruiting participants, collecting and analysing data and disseminating results.

Dr Jill Tozer, Research Associate

Dr Jill Tozer is an Electronic Engineer who did her PhD in the area of Electrical Impedance Tomography at the University of Sheffield.  This was followed by post-doctoral research into the areas of Magnetic Impedance Tomography and Functional Electrical Stimulation.  After having a break from research and doing some teaching for a while, she has returned to work on this project.  Jill is responsible for the design and production of the Magnetic Impedance Spectroscopy probe to be used in this project.

Dr Emmanuel Amabebe, Research Assistant

Emmanuel completed his PhD in Reproductive and Developmental Medicine at the University of Sheffield in 2016, where he investigated the cervicovaginal fluid metabolite and microbiomial profile patterns that predict preterm birth, as well as exploring key pathophysiological mechanisms of inflammation-associated preterm birth.  His current role is to, along with the ECCLIPPx team, facilitate the validation of novel techniques/devices for accurate prediction of premature birth and applications for their regulatory approvals for use in clinical practice to assess the cervix and vaginal microenvironment in pregnancy.