Core Team


Professor Brian Brown, Emeritus Professor of Medical Physics

Professor Brown has had a life-long career researching of bioimpedance and its clinical application. Being a world authority with several hundred publications to his credit, his work informs the device prototype for cervical cancer screening, currently being evaluated in EU-wide clinical trials. He holds several EIS patents.

Dr Graham Stafford, Senior lecturer in Microbiology (non-clinical)

Graham is a Senior Lecturer in microbiology based in the Dental School in Sheffield. He gained a PhD (Warwick) in 2002 before spending five years at Cambridge. He is the lead researcher for the microbiome sub-study within Ecclippx where cutting edge DNA sequencing approaches are being used to examine if there is a microbial signature associated with risk of pre-term birth which could contribute to improved diagnosis.

Professor Stephen Walters, Professor of Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials

Professor Stephen Walters is a medical statistician with over 20 years’ experience of designing, analysing and reporting the results of a variety of studies including, randomised controlled trials, observational studies and surveys. He has over 220 publications (including 133 in refereed journals and 3 books). He has been a co-applicant, statistical advisor and collaborator on numerous health services research projects (over 50 funded projects with a total value of £27.1 million). Stephen will be involved in the statistical analysis and reporting of the diagnostic accuracy data from the Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) device to predict pre-term birth.

Professor Simon Dixon, Professor of Health Economics

Professor Dixon is Health Economist with vast experience evaluating the cost-effectiveness of health care interventions in large clinical trials.